Apparel Studios Rocks Ichthus


Our challenge: market a Christian liberal arts college to more than 20,000 youth. Our concept: something different.

At last week’s Ichthus festival, thousands descended upon the little town of Wilmore for the area’s largest Christian music festival. In the backyard of our client Asbury College, we knew it was a perfect marketing opportunity for the school.

Our campaign began three years ago at the festival. Our goals were to increase positive name recognition, with a marketing campaign that stood out against seas of tattoos, bumper stickers, tees and commercials from other vendors. We knew to market to this generation effectively, they had to think it wasn’t marketing.

So we created a band, and in true “American Idol” fashion, we auditioned hundreds of attendees to “Be The One” (the name of our campaign) to fill the lead singer spot. The winner performed live on stage and won an iPod. Each audition was viewable online to increase traffic to their site, and contestants could virally distribute their videos as e-cards, etc. Because Asbury increased its inquiries significantly after the event, we built on its success in a second and now third year.

This year’s campaign brought in a record number of auditions and Admissions contacts, making it Asbury’s largest event campaign. To find out more about the campaign, check out the campaign’s site.


jparm1 June 17, 2007 Clients