Building an Online Community: New Horizons Diving


Not long after we launched New Horizon’s site, they began implementing it exactly as we had envisioned–as an active online community. Since New Horizons has a very active calendar (classes, training, diving trips, etc.) their clients and students were really looking to the web for more information about class schedules, equipment, trip costs, etc. We built the site with these components, but also were hoping it would be used to showcase photos, stories and interaction from trips around the country. New Horizons immediately began posting trip updates, news stories, etc.–and the results were impressive.

Their contacts, of course, were interested in the stories, photos and trip updates, but they began sending to their friends, relatives and beyond. Rather than simply reading the content, this newly-established community began commenting, talking about trips, and encouraging further interaction.

This is just one example of how building a dynamic community of users can directly influence sales and constituent-base. Be sure to check out New Horizons online–we’re sure you’ll enjoy the amazing photos!


jparm1 January 23, 2008 Clients