Don’t Forget To Smell The Roses


File this under “Things Learned From Dogs.”

I saw this profound post from a Facebook friend yesterday, about his dog. Censored and edited for grammar, of course:

“I just had this epiphany: my dog loves to get in the car all the time & doesn’t give a *¬†poignant¬†4-letter word* where it’s going. He hardly ever gets out of the car anyway. He’s just along to enjoy the ride, no matter how short it is.”

This is nothing original, but a good reminder. I’m sure that like me, you often find yourself measuring your life in “whens.” WHEN I finally get married. WHEN I sell my house. WHEN I buy my new car. WHEN I’m in better shape. The list goes on. But, as Ragamuffin’s less sentient brain realizes, the fun is in the journey.

Don’t forget to live in the reality you have right now. Embrace what you have, though it is certainly far from perfect. And if something in your life is causing continual, ongoing strife, maybe it’s time for a change.

The moment you’re in, right now, is meant to be enjoyed, I think.


jparm1 January 11, 2013 Blog