New Client: Heartland Spa


If there’s any industry that understands looking dapper, it’s the spa industry. But one thing you probably don’t know as much about is a destination spa. Sure, they focus on a posh spa lifestyle, but central to their values are focusing on holistic health and wellness from a natural perspective.

At Chicago area’s Heartland Spa, that is definitely the focus: clean, healthy eating, a focus on fitness, nutrition classes, yoga, and of course occasionally pampering yourself.

I was fortunate to enjoy my first ever spa visit. The highlight, without a doubt, was my first spa procedure. I decided to pick the messiest option: a mud wrap (complete with salt scrub.) Let’s just say it was pretty epic, and I now fully understand why people love spas so much!

Looking forward to showing you some of the footage we shot at Heartland soon!


jparm1 September 9, 2012 Apparel News, Clients, News, Our latest news