New Client: Skin Authority


You know you’re going to have a fun project on your hands when you get to work with Debra Locker of Locker PR.

One of Debra’s favorite clients is Skin Authority, and their hip CEO, Celeste Hilling, was in need of a chic talent reel to showcase her television appearances. Having appeared on Extra, MSNBC, Fox and others, Celeste (pictured above with Mario Lopez) has spiced up newscasts across the country. I called her “The Madonna of the Skin Care World.” (I should market that…)

Celeste’s energy and poise makes her a natural on TV. Among other things, I learned that sex can improve your skin. Who knew?

We’re excited to soon show you her talent reel, and you can be watching for her on a TV near you soon!



jparm1 September 9, 2012 Apparel News, Clients, News, Our latest news