Project Speak Out


Bullying is probably the biggest problem plaguing our schools today. It’s certain been a hot button topic with the likes of Hillary Clinton and others publishing videos addressing the subject.

When Project Speak Out approached us to help tell their stories, we immediately knew it was important that we be involved in this fight. What we didn’t realize was how sobering these stories would be, and how prevalent the problem is in schools.

When we sat down to interview, we met a family who had lost their 13-year-old son to bullying when he died of suicide. We heard from his best friend who nearly committed suicide herself for being bullied for her race and her appearance.

We left that interview feeling angry. And saddened. But, also filled with hope that we were on the right side of helping to promote change and make schools safer. Project Speak Out aims to provide very concrete training to school staff and students to anonymously report bullying and put an end to it, and to eliminate the excuse of “we didn’t know what to do.”

Look for our finished video in our portfolio soon.


jparm1 September 9, 2012 Apparel News, Clients, News, Our latest news