At the Epicenter


Sometimes it’s all about timing. About a year ago, Frankfort headquartered Northwest Haiti Christian Mission contracted with us to build a new website, focusing on donors, online giving and child sponsorship. They had no idea what a vital role their site would play a year later in the face of one of the largest national disasters in history.

The Mission, whose objectives are serving the impoverish, sick and orphaned in Haiti, has been inundated with calls and emails from people across the world asking how they can help.

We wanted to help. Getting in touch with the Mission, we used their site to provide status updates, a list of needs, and multiple ways for donors to give toward helping in the midst of this tragedy.

The website now includes everything from where to donate food, medical supplies and clothing, and live updates about what is being done in the area.

The Mission has been so thankful for the overwhelming generosity it has been experiencing.

To help an organization, based here in Kentucky, visit


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