Extreme Door Makeover: Lexington Edition


LLF Old Door SignOur partnership with Lexington Leadership Foundation (LLF) began with a video we produced with Amachi Central KY, one of their organization’s ministries. We then created Amachi’s website, and convinced LLF it was time for a strategic rebrand. Timing was everything. With COO Eric Geary restructuring the organization, a new graphic identity, brochure and style guide was essential. But a huge phase of the project for design lead, Jason Parmer, was replacing LLF’s door sign.

“After my first meeting with Eric, I knew this sign had to go. And I was going to be the one to make it happen,” remarked Jason Parmer. “I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.” So, Geary and Parmer agreed it would be the capstone of the launch of their rebrand. And Monday, October 8, 2007 marks the day Parmer got his wish.

Geary removes old sign “Could it be any hotter, and could my sleeves be any longer?” lamented Geary on the 95-degree day as the two muscled off the sign with a broken razor blade and scraper.

Geary at Hardware StoreWell, the old sign came off with minor struggles but left behind a nasty residue–6 years of glue. So, they ran to the hardware store where a helpful clerk suggested “Goo Gone.” It did the trick.

“Now this is what I call customer service,” joked Parmer, wiping the last of the Goo Gone from the window. Behold, the new LLF door sign:
LLF New Door Sign
“Next step,” says Parmer, “an extreme makeover of the LLF website.”


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