Introducing Axis Technology


We were extremely excited to get the chance to partner with UK-based Lumenware to produce a comprehensive marketing package for one of their emerging products, Axis Technology. We were most excited because in the early phases, we were required to sign a waiver to not discuss the technology or its details. It was sort of like working with the CIA.

We began by producing a comprehensive graphic identity/logo/stationary set, then developing their website, and producing a to introduce how the technology works.

The website features the latest in web-based video technology including an interactive Flash Video presentation, animation and introduction.

The wireless technology’s top selling points are the fact that a high level of security is combined with the ultimate in wireless mobility. In developing their campaign, we created two very different characters, “Security,” and “Mobility” who previously butted heads but have now come together to become better than ever.

Take a look at Axis Technology’s site, and be sure to meet Security and Mobility.


jparm1 March 22, 2008 Clients